Combine the UK’s Forum for the Future with the international innovators from IDEO, then match them with three local British councils and you have the recipe for devising creative ideas for high impact sustainability change in communities.

This article from FFTF’s site, including a nicely produced video should inspire many other local governments to learn from this project and launch some innovative thinking in their own communities. They call it i-Team because its sequence of activities are inspiration, insight, ideation and implementation.

During 2008 and 2009, Forum for the Future and IDEO have been working with the following local authorities that each defined a climate change problem, and set out to tackle it using this people-centred approach:

  • Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire wanted to incentivise new parents to reduce their energy use by saving themselves money;
  • Suffolk County Council decided to create a simple yet elegant scheme to significantly reduce their business mileage; and
  • St Helen’s Local Authority wanted to encourage 12-14 year olds to take the lead on climate change using a cutting edge viral marketing campaign.